Oil Burners & Home Fragrances

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Oil Burners & Home Fragrances

Our beautiful and extensive range of Oil burners and Fragrances will fill your home with gorgeous scents welcoming...



  • Oil Burners

    Pillar Box Gifts has a gorgeous range of Oil Burners. Choose from Traditional Ceramic, Modern Metal or Contemporary Glass Oil Burners all in different designs and styles. Each burner comes with a complimentary tea light. All you need to do next is choose a fragrance and we offer a huge range of Fragranced Oils, Simmering Granules and Wax Melts Bars to fill your home with scented Heaven!

  • Simmering Crystals

    Ancient Wisdom Simmering Granules are ideal for any oil burner. They are placed in the oil burner reservoir and require no water, therefore, no mess. Simply pour a couple of teaspoons of the Granules into your oil burner dish and light the tea light to fill your room with fragrance. Can also be used in ashtrays to create a burst of fragrance when a cigarette is extinguished, or to generally fragrance a room by placing in a suitable dish above a radiator. Another great use is to perfume a greetings card by adding just a few granules before sealing the envelope.

  • Luxuriously Scented Wax Melts Bars

    On A Wick & A Prayer Wax Bars deliver luxurious deep fragrance, packaged in a resealable "Choc Bar" bag. and are a very convenient way to enjoy our exclusive range of scents. Simply break off a chunk or two and place in an oil burner. Sit back and let the wax melt to release the heavenly scent. These chunks release their fragrance for several hours to enhance your environment.